When you want to obtain a Swedish Driving License:

1. Obtain a “Permission to drive” when you turn 16, so as to be able to get trained on driving. The application form should be filled as well as the eye vision examination form, and both should be sent to the concerned office for approval. This new permission will be valid for 5 years and cannot be renewed. After obtaining it, the permission holder can legally exercise and learn how to drive, either in a driving school or under supervision of a private tutor who possess special experience and requirements.

2. Risk training; divided into two parts:

Section A: A course regarding alcohol, drugs, medicine, fatigue, and dangerous actions while driving. Course certificate is valid for 5 years.

Section B: A Driving-on-Ice training and it includes; speed, safety, and driving in extreme conditions. The training certificate is valid for 5 years (Only 4 if taken before April 1st, 2009). Both Alcohol and Ice-Training certificates expire on the day of obtaining the license. The trainee should take both courses before entering the theoretical and practical exams in driving.

3. The exam; divided into:

Theoretical exam:  the exam is taken on a computer where you will have to answer 70 questions in 50 minutes, 5 of these questions are experimental and not counted towards the score (they aim at helping to develop new questions for future exams). The exam results are immediately showed after submission, and the passing score is 52. For every question there are multiple choices, among which only one is correct. The 65 questions are divided into five sections that cover every aspect of driving.

Practical Exam: the practical driving exam involves in-town driving as well as driving on external roads. if your driving was free of mistakes, the supervising expert will consider the driving successful and will grant you the license. However, if your driving was illegal, full of mistakes, or the examiner noticed that your driving is hazardous to other citizens, it’s then for sure that you will have to retake the practical exam, may be a couple of times.